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Our aim is to actively promote the message of Islam in order to eliminate misunderstandings among non-Muslims and to invite them to Islam and to create an atmosphere whereby Muslim youth and others are proud to declare their faith.


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Since the establishment of the Quba Islamic and Education Centre, the community has come together to pool our shared resources.

A distinct benefit of this is the bringing together of Muslim professionals of various backgrounds who have been able to help steer the centre forward. This would have been impossible without Quba centre.

  • Shaykh Abdurashiid Ali Suufi

    Famous recitor and expert on Qira’at

    “What has made me extremely happy is that I have seen and witnessed young pupils who have a deep thirst of knowledge and love the Quran. And I ask Allah that he multiplies the number of such students as those who study at Quba Masjid and puts them on the straight path through this Masjid that is active in Dawah.”

  • Shaykh Mohamed Omar Dirir


    “In this Masjid that is blessed. I have encountered in it Khair, Scholars and young people who are striving in knowledge and worship. I Hope that Allah accepts it from them and us.”

  • Shaykh Ahmed Dahir Aweys


    “Every time I visit Quba Mosque I feel contentment. I was blessed to do ITIKAF at Quba in 2008 and those ten days will have longer lasting in my memory. Hence we require Mosques such as Quba and May Allah reward them for the great work they have achieved.”

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