What is Hikmah youth

Hikmah youth is a young people’s charity that works for young people in the borough of Hillingdon. Hikmah youth was established to work with young people in the areas of Sports and Social activities in edition to education, crime and dawah respectively.

The charity was established in September 2011 by a group of brothers who live and work in and around the borough of Hillingdon for the sole purpose of sharing their life experience and help the next generation make a more informed choice in life.

To date in brief Hikmah youth as achieved the following, organising yearly football tournament, visiting young people in prisons, Done research in the areas of crime and addictive substances, organised sleepovers also known as Hikmah and lectures among others.


Current state of the charity

The charity has done quite ok if one is to grade its work so far. The charity has come to a cross road were the charity is looking to become a more established and deep routed organisation.

This how ever comes with many challenge and it is for this reason that you are been consulted and your answers’ are most valuable to the changes this organisation is going through today.

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